Our Wishful Vision...

2019 sees the launch of KindaPlace as a Social Impact Centre, serving the multiple needs of the community in and around Torbay and delivering the values of the Missing Kind charity.

We have BIG plans to make a difference to people in the local community and those who visit us from afar. We will be launching the following initiatives at KindaPlace throughout 2019 and we’re interested in partnering with any individuals or organisations who are passionate about, and able to help us deliver, these parts of our transformation programme:

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KindaCare - including low-cost accommodation for Care workers

We are passionate to support the passionate, no more so than those dedicated to the care of others, so often trapped on the base rungs of the economic ladder because of this dedication. We will offer a short-term co-living space for like-minded, committed individuals or couples in the Care Sector with the objective of creating a cooperative ‘KindaCare’ social impact business, offering an innovative model for elderly care in the community of Torbay. Ensuite rooms would be available at an affordable rent, a community model of shared living would be supported. Some services and living expenses would be exchanged for Kind Time given by residents to support activities at KindaPlace. For more details, see here.


KindaKafe Social Impact at KindaPlace



An inclusive, safe and welcoming community cafe, promoting kindness and social impact. An inspiring, fun space offering volunteering opportunities for those seeking companionship and personal development. A venue to connect community, hosting kindness projects and mindful events to ease loneliness. The KindaKafe will maintain good ethics, taking into account kind treatment of animals and preservation of the environment, and offer home-cooked, nutritious and delicious food and drink, with a broad range of vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free options.


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Social Enterprise Inspiration Hub

KindaKafe will be a focal point for Social Enterprise development, a meeting hub and information centre for those interested in Social Enterprise. Offering support and micro-funding through the Missing Kind’s KindaMovement Kickstart programme. Supporting passionate individuals who could become active participants in, and beneficiaries of, our KindaMovement network.


The Retreat Centre

Hosting mindful and inspiring rejuvenation experience package breaks. Examples of themed breaks would include:

● Art therapy
● Wellbeing mind and body
● Retire and Inspire a new life
● Care and Carers
● Nature, forage and mindful cooking

Offering a scale of charges that will support the equality of care for those on lower income, including the ability to ‘gift’ retreats to those less fortunate through our ‘pay it forward’ schemes.




Wellbeing and Mindful events

Hosting community events supporting wellbeing and mindfulness: Activities, talks, films, workshops, healthy dining, sober socials, social impact lectures and conferences, etc.


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KindaJob Employment

The Missing Kind’s innovative ‘KindaJob’ programme - a job-sharing scheme designed to support those finding it near impossible to sustain full employment due to unpredictable physical or mental health. This scheme is designed to give independence through a cooperative employment agency. KindaPlace will be the pioneering flagship for this scheme. The first opportunities will be in management support and hospitality.

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KindaSound Radio

Development of a worldwide radio station, broadcasting regular inspirational stories, interviews, music, projects, etc. To inspire and encourage kindness in a troubled world. A full brief of this project can be found here.


gardening cuisine



Development of a range of nutritious, mindful, ethical ready-meals; focussed on vegetarian/vegan dishes with allergen-free products and with a share of profits from each sale going to support sustainable farming projects in Africa.


What next…?

ANYONE interested in getting involved in the KindaPlace adventure, including: charities and social enterprise partners, project managers, volunteers, sponsors, networkers, marketeers, fundraisers, social entrepreneurs, ambitious and dedicated carers, individuals and groups with the skills and passion to support the KindaPlace development…please get in touch


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